martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Rock In Rio Madrid 2010 - LIVE!

HEEEEEY EVERYBODY! I'm very happy because this last weekend I camed to Madrid to Rock In Rio(festival of concerts),it was PERFECT! I LOVE IT! But I haved a problem,the camera of my sister is a shit! T.T The camera only make videos of a few seconds... U__U
I saw AMY MACDONALD,MCFLY AND MILEYCYRUS live on Concert♥! Miley was fantastic(L) Is a dream comed true!
Here the videos I made and others of TV:

Made by me:


sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

alice in wonderland

Last monday I was to cinema with my friend Raquel to see Alice in Wonderland,finally!^^
Raquel is a really good friend,I love her soo much:P And she is my 'twin'(nickname):PP I want repite it!
The movie is a new version of the original Alice in wonderland of disney works and is directed by Tim Burton,I really love this director!
The movie was great and I haved fun 'seeing'(invented word ahaha) the movie! ñ_ñ
And I totally love the dresses of Alice! They're great! I wish have one! And I want too the hats of 'Sombrero Loco' ^^(in the last excursion I saw one in a shop:P
That's all!

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

barcelona =)

Last week we have a excursion to BCN,to a history museum.The teachers we 'partieron' in three groups, I was in the first.
At first time,we were on the beach,and then we were walking to the museum.
After we were to Maremagnum centre to eat and after dinner we have free time to shopping,take photos,etc..
I didn't buy clothes at Maremagnum so I will back again to shopping(: The excursion was great!

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

My Voki ;)

This is my Voki! hahhahaha She looks awesome like me hahhahaha It's a joke :P but she is pretty or no? hahah

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Sant Jordi

Today is Sant Jordi/the day of the book!
Today in the high school didn't done normal class today and we have a 'party',it's a interessant day!
Happy Sant Jordi everyone!

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Easter week

This holidays I didn't travel anywhere. I spent the week in Abrera and I went to my grandmother's house to dinner and I went to Gran Via 2 with my friend Basma.
In Gran Via I bought clothes and I spent a fun moments with her.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Eclipse Trailer

A few days ago 'salió' a trailer of 'Eclipse' of Twilight Saga.

You can see the trailer here ^^

miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

My last birthday

My last birthday I didn't celebrate with my friends,I spent with my family.
I don't remember much, but I remember they gave me clothing, book, etc. ..
I wish this year I can celebrate with my friends too :P My birthday is July 01 ^^

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010


Last year I spent Carnival in my house because I was on crutches :(
This year I think I will do nothing for carnival,maybe I come to cinema to see a movie,I dont know..

Tik Tok =)

I love this music video :D

martes, 19 de enero de 2010

my holidays

These holidays have been a little boring, I have not left abrera and have been doing homework T_T
Santa Claus and wise men have brought me clothes, boots, CDs, etcc