sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

alice in wonderland

Last monday I was to cinema with my friend Raquel to see Alice in Wonderland,finally!^^
Raquel is a really good friend,I love her soo much:P And she is my 'twin'(nickname):PP I want repite it!
The movie is a new version of the original Alice in wonderland of disney works and is directed by Tim Burton,I really love this director!
The movie was great and I haved fun 'seeing'(invented word ahaha) the movie! ñ_ñ
And I totally love the dresses of Alice! They're great! I wish have one! And I want too the hats of 'Sombrero Loco' ^^(in the last excursion I saw one in a shop:P
That's all!

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